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For The Love of Whisk(e)y!

For The Love of Whisk(e)y!

Introducing Jennifer, our Whisky Ambassador

Author: Anonym/Friday, October 23, 2020/Categories: Staff Picks, Blog, Spirits

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My first blog is about a whiskey that really solidified my love for bourbons.  I’m talking about Eagle Rare made by the Buffalo Trace distillery.  It’s aged for 10 years and sits at a nice 45% abv.  Although many whiskey drinkers will tell you this is a starter whiskey, I would politely disagree.  In my view, a typical beginner whiskey sits at 40% abv and has less going on palate-wise.  Eagle Rare is full of nice, feisty peppery notes, almost reminiscent of rye spices.

I’m not one to talk about tasting notes, which I’ll explain why in a later blog, but it’s safe to say this one is full of toasty oak, toffee, vanilla and has a very pleasant lingering finish.  Although this is a bourbon, the long finish and spicy flavours make me curious as to what the rye content is.  Whether you’re a long time Eagle Rare lover or you’ve just tried it, I’m interested to know what tasting notes you pick out.

As for myself, I fell in love with Eagle Rare not just on the flavour alone.  It was recommended to me by someone whose palate is very similar to mine.  It was also the first whiskey that I really compared notes with someone and we had the best time sipping and comparing.  This is what I want to talk about here – the experience of whiskey.  What I’ve learned so far in my personal journey is that whiskey is so much more than just what you’re tasting.  It’s about who you’re tasting it with and what that experience brings for you.  This is why I find whiskey so enticing.  It’s also the reason that my whiskey tastings will never feature a lot of whiskeys.  I won’t want your palate to be overwhelmed with flavours instead I’ll want you to remember the group we’re with, things we’ve talked about, those little moments…because that’s what life is all about.

Eagle Rare sells for $70.99 at Aligra.  If you’re into bourbon and have yet to try this, it is delicious neat and makes a regular old fashioned anything but regular.

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Cheers – or should we call it happy memory making? :)




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